A multispectral and multidirectional intrusive light sensor for health and environmental studies

Martin Aubé, Ph.D.

November 2018

LANcube (LAN3) is a new device intended to sample the multispectral and multidirectional properties of the direct artificial light at night into the urban or natural environment (indoor or outdoor). We expect that it will become a powerful tool to foster new research in the fields of the impact of artificial light at night on human health and natural environments. LAN3 is a cube having on each of its face four sensors of various spectral response in the visible range (red, green, blue and clear). Each band has been calibrated in a way to deliver the integrated fluxes. Thanks to its multispectral capabilities, the sensor can provide an estimate of the illuminance, of the correlated color temperature (CCT), the Melatonin Suppression Index (MSI), the Induced Photosynthesis Index (IPI) and the Star Light Index (SLI). The minimum light level detected is 0.005 lux. LAN3 is based on arduino open source hardware so that it can be replicated by anybody. It comprise a real time clock, a remote RF control, a micro-SD card to store the data, a GPS module and a temperature/humidity sensor. LAN3 can be operated in automatic sampling mode or in manual sampling mode.

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