Project summary

We developped the CoSQM, a portable device which aims to sample the multispectral properties of the artificial light scattered by the atmospheres. We expect that it will become an useful tool to estimate the light pollution and its impact on the environment. CoSQM is a cylinder shaped instrument composed of a filter wheel with five different spectral transmittance in the visible range (clear, red, blue, green and yellow) that is standing on a step motor in front of a Sky Quality Meter. The device comprise a Raspberry pi open source linux computer so that it can be reproduced by anyone. CoSQM also comprise a GPS module and a camera module. The instrument can be operated remotely via the ssh protocol and the data may be accessed via an integrated web server. This device should better show how humankind can affect their own nocturnal environments. Color detection capability is an important improvement over existing non-imaging detectors in the context of the drastic change in the color of light pollution provided by the transition to the LED technology.

Presentation given at the International interdisciplinary workshop on light pollution - Toward the first dark sky reserve in North Africa, Marrakech, Morocco, October 22-26, 2018

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