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Martin Aubé got his Phd degree in remote sensing from Université de Sherbrooke and a MSc degree in physics (astrophysics). M. Aubé is a researcher/coordinator at Groupe de recherche et d'applications en physique au CÉGEP de Sherbrooke (GRAPHYCS), associate professor of the applied geomatics department at Université de Sherbrooke, associate researcher at Centre d'applications et de recherche en télédétection (CARTEL), adjoint researcher at the Centre de recherche en astrophysique du Québec (CRAQ), member of the Global Environmental and Climate Change Center (GEC3), Member of technical committee TC 4-21 Interference by Light with Astronomical Observations of the International commission on illumination, member of the Groupe Géophysique Spatiale de l'ATmosphère et de l'Environnement GESATE), and member the American Geophysical Union (AGU). His research project are in the fields remote sensing and modeling of light pollution and of Aerosol optical properties especially during night time.

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